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Staj Duyurusu

Dear all,

The upcoming internship period will start with the Summer Break. The deadline for summer practice application is 16.04.2021. This application is open to all students who haven’t completed ARCH3331 and/or ARCH4431.

We are going to hold a summer practice information meeting on 16.03.2021, Tuesday @17.30 on Sakai, ARCH Meetings “Summer Practice. It is highly recommended that all second- and third-year students attend the meeting. We will be answering every question you might have about the internships.

Internship Application Form (will open after the meeting):


Internship Commission Contact Info:

Assoc. Prof. (PhD) Başak Kundakçı Koyunbaba: [email protected]

Construction Site, Res. Assist. Nur Sipahioğlu: [email protected]

Office, Res. Assist. Erinç Yıldırım: [email protected]