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Staj Duyurusu

Dear all,


The upcoming internship period is between 06.02.2021-30.04.2021. The application for this period is open to the students who will graduate in Spring. The students who want to do their internships during this period should follow the points listed below:


The deadline for internship application is 20.01.2021.

-Only compulsory internships are allowed. You are NOT allowed to do voluntary internship.

-You must complete 20 workdays. No more, no less.

You must complete the majority of your internship duration during Semester Break. Which means that if you start on 06.02.2021 and work on weekdays and Saturdays, you will complete 13 days before the Semester starts. If you start on 08.02.2021 and only work weekdays, you will complete 10 days, which will be the minimum duration of workdays during the Semester Break.

-For the remainder of the internship during Spring Semester, you are NOT allowed to work on the days you have courses. Your workdays should be dedicated solely to your internship.

-Spring Course Program will be announced before your application deadline. Check the announcements on regularly in January.

-You are obliged to upload your transcripts and Spring Term course plan (which days you plan to take courses) to the application form. We will check how many courses you have left, your course plan, and inform the Faculty accordingly so that you won’t have problems when the Semester starts. We might adjust the end date of your internships according to your transcripts and course program.

You must enroll to the internship course in Spring Semester in order to meet graduation requirements.


Internship Application Form (will be available in January):


Internship Commission Contact Info:

Assoc. Prof. (PhD) Başak Kundakcı Koyunbaba: [email protected]

Construction Site, Res. Assist. Nur Sipahioğlu: [email protected]

Office, Res. Assist. Erinç Yıldırım: [email protected]