Okulda Kalma Hakkında Güncelleme – Yaşar Üniversitesi

Okulda Kalma Hakkında Güncelleme

Dear all,

In this semester, F101 and F102 classrooms will be open for 24 hours only for the Faculty of Architecture students. Please fill in the application form for the dates you would like to use the studios to work for your final project submissions.

You may find the online application form and F101 and F102 Classrooms’ Availability Schedule in the link below:


  • You must submit this form 24 hours before.
  • Each student must fill-in the form individually.
  • Students will be checked regularly by the security of the university. If you do not have a permission granted by this form, you will be dismissed from the studio.
  • Each studio classroom has a capacity. When the quota is full, students will not be allowed.



  • Keep the studio clean and recycle used materials properly. Poor waste disposal creates an unsafe working environment, attracting pests and contaminating recycling systems.
  • Anything left on the floor and tabletops will be considered disposable. It is in your responsibility to store the projects if they are selected for exhibition purposes.
  • All studios will be cleaned after the working process ends. Do not leave anything in the studio if you want to keep them.
  • Usage
  • Maintain the integrity of the studio.
  • Do not leave your belongings unattended. Do not assume that bags, cell phones, laptops or your belongings are safe.
  • Do not move pin-up partitions or desks.


  • Do not tamper with, dismantle, or move furniture located in the studio classrooms.
  • Do not apply decals, stickers, used tape or drafting dots to the equipment of furnishings.
  • Do not use your cutting knives directly on the tabletops. Use an appropriate cutting surface.
  • Do not bring furniture or appliances into the studio.


  • Do not post anything on the walls. You can use the cork boards and white boards instead.
  • Do not store models in the materials archive.
  • Respect the others while working. Do not disturb anyone by your existence.
  • Do not use any chemicals (inc. spray mount, spray paint, apel) at the campus. These materials are hazardous, flammable, and messy.


  • Physical distance in-between students should be followed. While choosing your tables, please try to leave a space between you and your other friends.
  • Do not use others’ equipment to minimize physical distance and contact.
  • You are also responsible for the hygiene and cleanliness of your worktables.

Stay safe,

On behalf of Faculty of Architecture,

Res. Assist. Duhan Ölmez