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Mimarlık Eğitimi için En İyi Bilgisayar

Dear students,

We know that you are looking for a reasonable computer to purchase that can fulfill your needs in architecture education. The computer required to complete the architecture department without any problems is generally high-end PCs, which we know as “gaming computers” in the market. Apart from that, MacOS computers are also used, but there may be difficulties in working with some programs. I personally recommend a WindowsOS computer. Things to consider when buying a computer can be listed as follows;

  • I think there is no upper limit in system requirements, unfortunately. You will have to use all the hardware on the computer to the fullest during architectural education.
  • If you have an average laptop that you can use when needed, I highly recommend getting a desktop computer to work at home. It works much better and faster. In addition, there is a serious price difference between desktop and laptop computers with the same specifications.
  • Definitely try to choose computers with metal cases. Some high-end computers are metal, but it is reported that some of them had case problems in the last few years. It is better not to buy a thin laptop.
  • There are 4 main elements in a computer which are important for you, graphic card, hard-disk, processor, and RAM:
    • You need to make sure that the video card is indicated as “non-shared”, and at worst 2GB, if possible 4GB and above. Be sure to check which generation it is in the series. Graphic card defines how fast your computer will deal with the geometries you will be dealing with, as well as the rendering process.
    • SSD is important. Although the volume is not very important, if you are going to use cloud services, you can keep the size small. If you are going to use HDD storage, SSD as instantaneous work, a 256GB SSD will suffice. HDD capacity depends on your budget, it is only used for storage in most scenarios anyway.
    • Processor is another important factor. There is no limitation here. However, I would not recommend going below 2.13Ghz – which is already a very low speed.
    • Your RAM capacity must be enough to deal with on-point memory use. It depends a lot to the softwares you will use for renderings, image edits, poster preparations etc. However, 8GB, 2333Ghz RAMs will be enough. Try to avoid 4GB RAM.
  • I don’t know how hard it is to carry for you, but bigger is the better. If you want your eyes to be less tired while working, you can get at least 15.6” or even 17.8” if possible. It will also help the inner hardware architecture of the laptop to work more properly.
  • A good cooling system is a must. Pay attention to the positioning of the ventilation openings, especially at the back, which will coincide with the processor and graphics card under the computer. If possible, get a laptop with a TURBO mode for ventilation. During rendering and pixel editing phases, your laptop will burn like an oven. You need to deal with it properly.
  • Pay attention to the programs that come with the computer itself. In principle, when I get the computer, I immediately clean-install and delete all manufacturer applications. Do not inflate the computer’s RAM for no reason. You do not need an anti-virus software. It is 2021. Everything is a virus now.
  • Never, ever use your computer on your lap, no matter what. Never place it on a surface such as cloth, fur, etc. The fan will be forced, the processor and video card will heat up, shortening the life of the computer. Use your computer on a table, and if possible on an elevated surface to maintain the good air flow.
  • If there is an SSD, do not move your laptop with sudden actions while the computer is running. SSD is a hardware that can be damaged very easily. A minor scratch will reduce performance irreversibly.
  • You can choose computers with matte screens to increase the quality of working comfort. It is less tiring on the eyes and can be worked more comfortably in any environment as it is not affected by the backlight.
  • While looking at the laptops, you will see “FreeDOS” in some. This means that Windows or any operating system is not installed. You can easily set up the computer after you get it. Windows licenses are sold for 10 TL on the internet. Do not pay extra for no reason.
  • Also, please purchase reasonable mouses…

I guess that’s all I have to say. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

Stay safe,

Res. Assist. Duhan Ölmez