Açık Pozisyon, Araştırma Projesinde Öğrenci Asistanları – Yaşar Üniversitesi

Açık Pozisyon, Araştırma Projesinde Öğrenci Asistanları

We are looking for two undergraduate students who would like to join an upcoming project focused on the production of educational videos for the community. The videos will provide accessible knowledge about earthquakes, seismic design principles, and non-structural detailing to a large audience of non-specialists.

The goal of the project is producing a number of videos, organized under the subject of earthquakes & buildings, in which basic concepts are explained using mostly physical models. As part-time project assistants, your main task will be helping to imagine, model & produce these models, under the guidance of the coordinator of the project.

After witnessing the effects of the past earthquake in Izmir, we believe that knowledge should not remain within the borders of the University; everyone should have access to basic principles and practical understanding of the behavior of buildings during earthquakes.

This project is intended to be finished by June 2021.

A video for research project content: https://vimeo.com/285612086

Our requirements:

– A responsible and self-motivated student

– Available 5 hours/week to work in this project (online it’s fine)

– Basic knowledge in 3D modelling (using any software – no parametric design involved)

We offer:

– To contribute to our community

– To learn about earthquakes and buildings in a didactic manner

– Your name included in every project’s outcome (publications & promotion)

– A monthly payment of 750 TL (minus taxes)*

*for 6 months / start-end of the paid period to be defined

If you are interested, please send a brief explanation of why would you like to join in this project + some information about your background (specially about your modelling skills), to [email protected] as soon as possible.

The application has no deadline, but we need to start working soon, so do not delay your application unnecessarily.

Project members are (so far): Mauricio Morales-Beltran (Coordinator, Department of Architecture), and Ceren Duyal (Researcher, Department of Civil Engineering)